Saturday, 30 June 2012

Book: A Slide and Surprise Colours Book

Posted by Ninos Shop at 30.6.12
This interactive early learning book has striking images, simple questions to answer and fun tabs to slide and reveal beautiful photographs. It’s a fun and innovative way for children to learn about colours. They will have lots of fun finding the hidden answers, while developing their hand-eye coordination, learning first words and improving their speaking skills.

Item Code: B-B001
Price: RM18.00
Title: A Slide and Surprise Colours Book
ISBN: 978-1-84915-292-1
Writer: Hermione Edwards
Publisher: Priddy Books
Pages: 12
Language: English
Measures: 18 x 18 x 1.5
Weight: 530 g / 0.53 kg


Ninos Shop said...

色彩鲜艳的图片 + 简易的问题 + 有趣的拉页 + 漂亮的照片 = 创新的认识颜色早教书。小宝贝通过此书学习新词汇、练习会话和促进手眼协调。

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