Monday, 20 August 2012

Gift Sets Sent in 2012

Posted by Ninos Shop at 20.8.12
Here are the gift sets prepared for our customers.
Gift set is ready to send to birthday princess, Soon Wei.
CGO005 + HMC002

Gift set bought by Serene Kuan.
B-B010 + HMC004
Commissioned by TK for his niece baby Elise's full moon.
CGO013 + HMC007
This is Hanson's fifth birthday gift.
CBT003 + HMC010
Birthday gift set ordered by Serene Kuan.
CBT003 + CBB002 + HMC008
Not forgetting the mum. A gift set for both baby and mum.
CGO011 + DB-01 + HMC011

Simple packing gift set commissioned by our customer.
CBT002 + HMC015

A gift for celebrating a girl's 9th birthday.
B-P011 + B-P012 + HMC013

A welcome gift to the newborn.
B-P011 + B-B013 + HMC006

The gift to a new born boy: B-B004 + CBO002 + HMC014
And not forgetting his elder sister: B-P015

Birthday gifts to brothers who were born in December.
CBT012 + HMC016
CBT011 + HMC017


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