Saturday, 22 December 2012

Pop-up Book: Let's Help the Earth

Posted by Ninos Shop at 22.12.12
Elmo knows that Earth is a wonderful place full of plants, animals, insects and people. Packed with pop-ups, wheels to turn, and flaps to open, Let’s Help the Earth teaches nature appreciation and the simple things kids and adults can both do to take care of the planet. Included is a removable list of reminders everyone can use to keep Earth beautiful.

Item Code: B-T068
Price: RM21.00
Target Reader: 3-6 years old
Writer: Jodie Shepherd 
Illustrator: Tom Brannon
ISBN: 978-0-7944-1696-6
Publisher: Reader's Digest
Pages: 12
Language: English
Measures: 24.1 x 19 x 1.6 cm
Weight: 380 g / 0.38 kg


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