Monday, 2 July 2012

Book: Everyone Says I Love You (Pop-up)

Posted by Ninos Shop at 2.7.12
How does the world say “I Love You”? Each spread in this exciting pop-up book features a different country’s way of saying these very special words along with a pop-up of an iconic element from that country. Watch the sun rise over the Statue of Liberty in America, then travel to Italy, Holland, Japan and Kenya before reaching a firework finale over the Eiffel Tower in France. 

Item Code: B-T007
Price: RM25.00
Illustrator: Beegee Tolpa
ISBN: 978-0-8431-8952-0
Publisher: Price Stern Sloan
Pages: 12
Language: English
Measures: 16.3 x 16.8 x 2.3 cm
Weight: 280 g / 0.28 kg


Ninos Shop said...


Ninos Shop said...

Click here for guides of the book!

Ching Ching said...

Is this book still available, if yes, please reserve for me. I will PM you my details soon!

Ninos Shop said...

Book reserved.
Thank you.

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