Saturday, 14 July 2012

Girls' Dresses: CGO009-010

Posted by Ninos Shop at 14.7.12
Item Code: CGO009 (red), CGO010 (blue)
Price: RM49.00
Weight: 160 g / 0.16 kg 

Size 5/90cm (2 years old): Length 47 cm, Chest 24*2 cm (red only)
Size 7/100cm 
(3 years old): Length 50 cm, Chest 25*2 cm (red only)
Size 9/110cm (4 years old): Length 54 cm, Chest 26*2 cm (red only)
Size 11/120cm (5 years old): Length 57 cm, Chest 27*2 cm (blue only)  
Size 13/130cm (6 years old): Length 61 cm, Chest 28*2 cm
Size 15/140cm (7 years old): Length 65 cm, Chest 29*2 cm (SOLD OUT)

CGB009 (red)
Size available: 5/90cm, 7/100cm, 9/110cm, 13/130cm.
Sold out: 
11/120cm, 15/140cm.

CGB010 (blue)
Size available: 11/120cm, 13/130cm.
Sold out: 5/90cm, 9/110cm, 7/100cm, 15/140cm.


Bee Hoong Kuan said...

Hi, I've received your order, thanks for prompt response. The quality of the dress are good.
TQ! My girl like it very much!
From, Serene (KL)

Ninos Shop said...

Thank you, Bee Hoong.
Will tag you on our Facebook page when we have new stocks.

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